New Product Development

Whether you need a simple app or a full stack enterprise application, BigPineSystems can quote and build it for you.Learn More

The Hacker

Jira Plugins

If you are looking for information on our Jira 4 Defense plugin, or other plugins developed by Big Pine Systems, go here: http://www.bigpinesystems.com/wordpress/plugins/


Product Maintenance and/or Modernization

If you are looking to refresh a product, modernize it, or bring it up to today’s development and security standards, BigPineSystems can help you keep your product relevant in an age of rapidly changing technology.Learn More

Software Innovation and Performance

Gone are the days of bloated, waterfall developed solutions that are never on time and are always over budget.  Having created development processes for many organizations over his career, our owner believes that process must fit the product.

At BigPineSystems we focus on the product because we don’t have to focus on the process.  Our inventory of various methodologies (from Agile/Scrum to full DO-178c compliance) is reviewed to provide the best solution for a given customer’s need.  We believe that leaner is better, but are keenly aware of compliance requirements that must be met.

Focusing on the product allows us to rapidly iterate through unclear or ambiguous requirements.  We do not allow programs to proceed towards sell off with any surprises.  The customer is a key member of the team and incorporated into the design decision cycle.