Our Approach

Large scale software contracting continues to grow more expensive.  As a small, veteran owned business, Big Pine Systems is keen on keeping overhead low and attracting the best resources for the job.  Doing so allows us to avoid the additional overhead and G&A expenses that larger companies incur, without sacrificing the quality of the engineers we hire.

Our Story

Our founder, Keith Ballantyne, has been an engineer across many different industries.  Starting out in the industrial market making analytical chemistry instruments, and going on to be a co-founder of his first company,  Keith became familiar with the full lifecycle of product development and business to business sales.  Later Keith worked at a consumer electronics startup, playing a key role leading teams in the development of the Apple iPod.  From there he moved to Amazon.com to learn the ins and outs of program management.  Moving to the East Coast in 2005, Keith returned to the industrial market running the chiller controls group at JCI (then York).  After a deployment to the Middle East, Keith returned home and began working on unmanned aircraft systems with AAI (Textron) corporation.  In that role, he ascended to vice president of engineering, before going to work for Sierra Nevada Corporation as a Chief engineer and then director.

His unique experience across these industries has given him insight into systems and software development that he is leveraging to solve problems that our customers have.

Meet the Owner


Keith Ballantyne


Keith is a multi-disciplined engineer with a passion for software and boating.