Generating Business Ideas

I’ve spent the last several days on a quest to find a match between the problems I like to solve and the business I’d like to create.  I’m not certain that the emotions I’ve experienced trying to do this are similar to those of others, but I figured I’d relate one.  I spent three days frustrated that I can’t think of things I haven’t done before.  For those three days I rehashed every idea I’ve had over they past 10 years, and kept relating them back to things I know and am comfortable working on.  I would tell myself I wanted something new, and would always end up back at old plans.  This was immensely frustrating as I need new ideas, not old ones, and my brain wasn’t cooperating.

Then I started calling friends.  This was much more productive, as we could discuss different ideas, and build upon them.  From that arose several potential ideas.

Then I began searching for “new business ideas”.  It was a long shot, but I figured maybe somebody with a blog and a little time on their hands had come up with a more methodical approach to generating business ideas.  That search lead to this website:

It’s a bit dated (and you can’t have an adblocker on), but it helped me tremendously.  Instead of focusing first on the idea, it asks you to focus first on the customer segment.  That alone is brilliant…because when you subsequently have a new idea, you automatically think backwards to the customer segment to put it into the spreadsheet, and that activity encourages even more ideas.

So between a formal tool like what is defined above, and a set of friends talking to me about their experiences, I believe Big Pine Systems has the right focus in the right market.

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